Asserting Your Interests Through Litigation

In an ideal world, conflicts would resolve themselves or wouldn't arise in the first place. Most of the time, however, that is not our world.

At the Law Office of Daniel R. Seigenberg, we have a proven record going back more than 35 years of helping clients resolve civil disputes effectively. We encourage you to give us a call to discuss your specific situation in a confidential consultation.

From our office in Wrentham, we help clients throughout Norfolk County and the surrounding areas.

What Is The Sticking Point In Your Dispute?

Civil litigation can include almost any type of dispute. Mr. Seigenberg is a proven attorney with comprehensive experience resolving a wide range of cases effectively. This includes:

  • Real estate and land use - Our firm has a strong record of litigating land use and other real estate matters across Massachusetts.
  • Small-business owners - If you are a business owner who has been sued or needs to assert your rights, we can protect your rights and interests.
  • Family law and divorce - We have helped many people through difficult issues of separation, divorce and child custody.
  • Procedures in local courts - The Massachusetts court system is complex. We have the knowledge to help you resolve matters in district court in Wrentham or other local courts.

How Litigating Can Benefit You

Litigation doesn't imply a refusal to consider all the options. Depending on the circumstances, negotiation can bring good outcomes and mediation can sometimes be a good way to settle disputes.

In many cases, however, it takes strong litigation skills to get over the sticking points in a particular case. The courts are there for a reason, to provide a forum for just resolution of thorny disputes.

This is where Mr. Seigenberg's experience as a litigator can benefit you as you seek a favorable result. He's been there before and will guide you forward with your interests in mind.

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